These medicines reduce pain and inflammation, and bring down a high temperature



IBUDEEF cream contains ibuprofen and belongs to a group of medicines called non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s). These medicines reduce pain and inflammation, and bring down a high temperature. IBUDEEF cream is used to treat a number of painful conditions affecting the joints and muscles, such as backache, rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains, strains and sports injuries.

Squeeze 4 to 10cm of cream from the tube on affected area. Massage until absorbed. This dose should not be repeated more frequently than every four hours and no more than four times a day in any 24 hour period. The amount of cream squeezed would be equivalent to 50 to 125mg of ibuprofen. IBUDEEF cream should only be used on healthy, unbroken skin. Do not use it on or near cuts or grazes or under dressings such as plasters. Also, do not use it on the genital area. Do not let any cream come in contact with your eyes. If it does, rinse your eyes with cold water and consult your doctor. Hands should be washed after applying IBUDEEF cream, unless they are the site of treatment. If the condition does not improve after two weeks use, or becomes worse at any time, speak to your doctor or pharmacist. Children: IBUDEEF cream is not recommended for use in children under 14 years. If the cream is accidentally swallowed: If you accidentally swallow any IBUDEEF cream, rinse out your mouth thoroughly and contact your doctor, or nearest hospital, as soon as possible. If swallowed, the cream may cause an upset stomach.